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Colombia Alianza Verde

Alianza Verde is a blend of specialty coffee beans sourced from high-altitude farms in Colombia. The cup offers a smooth and creamy body, perfectly complemented by balanced sweetness bursting with delicious flavours.


Alianza Verde comes from socially responsible coffee farms that are dedicated to preserving the environment and supporting their local communities. With complete traceability, you can trust that your purchase is benefiting the farmers and their families while enjoying a high-quality cup of coffee.


Tasting Notes : Chocolate, almond, caramel & strawberry

PRODUCING FARMS Las Brisas, Las Palmas, La Cascada, El Mirador

REGION Ataco, La Primavera, Planadas

ALTITUDE 1600 -2000

PRODUCTION AREA Regional Farms Ataco, Tolima

VARIETIES Caturra, Colombia F8, Castilla,

FERMENTATION Double 24/24 hours Av.

DRYING Casa Elba and Parabolica

PROCESS Fully Washed

FINCA CO-ORDINATES Planadas Group Farms

BODY: Smooth & creamy


BALANCE: Well-balanced Cup score 85.5



We source The Alianza Verde Coffee from The Green Collection


The Green Coolection's partnership with farms and Associations ensures that all coffees are completely traceable from the Farm to Cup, giving the consumer that experience of tasting those special profiles of Micro-Lots harvested from a single Colombian Farms.

Through partnerships with the farmers, Social practices ensure that all benefit. Paying the farmer a real fair price, based on quality and incentives on sales. Working with communities and developing futures.


Colombia Alianza Verde

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