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Our story


We are a small batch coffee roasters working enthusiastically sourcing and roasting speciality coffee beans and we take pleasure in sharing the end result with you. 


Our desire to roast coffee beans simply comes from our own love for coffee. We enjoy every aspect of it. Coffee is essential for many of us, as well as being a lovely daily ritual.


We know what coffee means to you.

It is more than just a hot drink. It is coffee to start your day, coffee to get together with friends and family, coffee alongside a freshly baked cake. 


Coffee is even an ice breaker to start a conversation, or an excellent present for a loved one. 

This is where we would like to come into your coffee world, and ask you to join our journey to discover new coffee thrills.

We firmly believe that it comes from these magic beans.




We are two good friends who worked in the hospitality sector for forty years combined and there was always coffee in our life. Whether it was while working, socialising at our breaks or at home. 


We experienced drinking coffee brewed in many different methods. We met excellent baristas, roasters and coffee enthusiasts and exchanged many conversations regarding coffee. We have had successful cafés with smaller roasting capacity where we worked hard to perfect our roasting style.


Then came the tipping point where we felt an urge to go further and establish ourselves as speciality coffee roasters.

We decided it is time to share our knowledge, experience and passion with more coffee connoisseurs. 


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