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Real Hot Chocolate & Coffee Set

This beautiful set includes our best selling Signature and Peru El Palto single origin coffees and our delicious real hot chocolate flakes. You can enjoy coffees or hot chocolate on its own or get a smooth and indulgent mocha experience by mixing them.  All presented in a beautiful craft box. 



Real Hot Chocolate Flakes 320g

Delicious and luxurious
Our premium barista grade hot chocolate is made from real flaked chocolate from top quality cocoa beans. It contains 43% cocoa. It is perfectly blended to offer the familiar creamy flavour you would expect from a milk chocolate, but anchored with plenty of cocoa flavour for even the most discerning of connoisseurs.


Flakes dissolve easily without overheating.


Beans from Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, all selected for their distinctive flavours.
The result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent experience.

Signature 125g


Our Signature coffee is an espresso blend. It is medium roasted and 100% Arabica coffee. It has a smooth and creamy body with a gentle kick. From the very first sip you will feel its chocolaty and nutty flavours lingering.


Peru El Palto 125g


Our Peruvian women powered and organic certified coffee is exceptionally delicious. It is rich in chocolate and hazelnut with a pleasing all round finish on the pallet. It is versatile and works perfectly in bean to cup espresso machines or when filtered as cafetiere or AeroPress.

Real Hot Chocolate & Coffee Set

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