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Speciality Coffee Set 3x250g

This speciality coffee set includes three 250g bags of our finest coffees, carefully roasted to perfection to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean. Perfect for coffee lovers who love a high-quality, artisanal coffee experience at home.


You can choose the style of the coffee; whole bean, filter, cafetiere, AeroPress or stove top ground during checkout.


All coffees are freshly hand roasted in small batches and stay fresh for 4 months. It includes free tracked shipping.




Peru El Palto 250g

Our Peruvian women powered and organic certified coffee is exceptionally delicious. It is rich in chocolate and hazelnut with a pleasing all round finish on the pallet. It is versatile and works perfectly in bean to cup espresso machines or when filtered as cafetire or Aeropress.


Signature 250g

Our Signature coffee is an espresso blend. It is medium roasted and 100% Arabica coffee. It has a smooth and creamy body with a gentle kick. From the very first sip you will feel its chocolaty and nutty flavours lingering.


Brazil Santos 250g

It is an established fact that for many roasters and coffee enthusiasts, coffee from Brazil is the base for most espresso blends. Our Brazil Santos has the characteristics of what is expected from an espresso. It is medium roasted and has a smooth and creamy body with full of flavours.

Speciality Coffee Set 3x250g

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