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Farm Espresso

Farm Espresso is a specialty coffee blend that is carefully sourced from sustainable, traceable and socially responsible coffee farms. This high quality espresso blend is expertly roasted to bring out the smooth and creamy body with a balanced flavour profile that's perfect for both morning and afternoon coffee time.


Notes: Chocolate, roasted almonds, brown sugar & dried fruit


Roast Level: Medium


Body: Medium body, smooth and creamy


Origin: Blend of Colombia Planadas (Washed) & Brazil Fazenda Salto (Natural)





We source Colombian Planadas Coffee from The Green Collection


The Green Coolection's partnership with farms and Associations ensures that all coffees are completely traceable from the Farm to Cup, giving the consumer that experience of tasting those special profiles of Micro-Lots harvested from a single Colombian Farms.

Through partnerships with the farmers, Social practices ensure that all benefit. Paying the farmer a real fair price, based on quality and incentives on sales. Working with communities and developing futures.


PRODUCING FARMS: Las Brisas, Las Palmas, La Cascada, El Mirador

REGION : Ataco, La Primavera, Planadas

ALTITUDE :1600 -2000

PRODUCTION AREA : Regional Farms Ataco, Tolima

VARIETIES : Caturra, Colombia F8, Castilla,

FERMENTATION : Double 24/24 hours Av.

DRYING : Casa Elba and Parabolica

PROCESS : Fully Washed

FINCA CO-ORDINATES : Planadas Group Farms

BODY: Smooth & Creamy

BALANCE: Well-balanced Cup score 85.5




This coffee from the Araujo Reis family at Fazenda Salto is IMPACT-verified, a responsible sourcing standard from Sucafina. The Araujo Reis family’s dedication to social and environmental excellence stretches back over a century. Fazenda Salto is one of the first IMPACT-verified suppliers and partnering with Sucafina and attaining their IMPACT verification was a natural extension of their existing focus on the social and environmental aspects of coffee production. Their strong belief in social equity and environmental protection extends to every aspect of their farm from an excellent school to safe housing for workers and stringent wastewater treatment protocols.

IMPACT supports the family as they preserve the natural ecosystem, create and safe and dignified environment for employees and ensure a safe and ethical food system for consumers.

One important pillar of Fazenda Salto is their focus on education for the children of farm workers and those in the surrounding community.



VARIETAL: Bourbon, Catuaí, Icatu, Mundo Novo, Red Catuaí


ALTITUDE: 1,100 meters above sea level

OWNER: Fabio Araujo Reis

SUBREGION/TOWN: Carmo de Cachoeira

REGION: Minas Gerais






We are proud to announce IMPACT, the responsible sourcing program that benefits farmers, traders, and roasters to create a fairer, more resilient coffee industry. The IMPACT program includes a sustainability standard that guarantees compliance with environmental, social, and economic best practices, while also driving measurable, positive change in five key areas of sustainability.


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Farm Espresso

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