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Colombia Decaf

Our Decaf coffee is a blend of high quality coffees from Colombia. It is sugarcane processed and 100% chemical free.


An excellent coffee without caffeine, full of flavour and won’t keep you up at night. It is a perfect example of a no-compromise decaffeinated coffee. It offers a balanced, chocolatey and sweet cup. We’re confident it is the best on the market.


Sugarcane Decaf Process


Sugarcane decaffeination is a natural, clean, chemical-free and green method of decaffeinating coffee beans that uses that sugary treat, sugarcane.


To be fair, this process doesn't use sugarcane per se but rather a natural compound called Ethyl Acetate which is formed from sugarcane mixed with water. So, basically deliciousness. Once this mixture is achieved, the green coffee beans are soaked and steamed. Next, the Ethyl Acetate is flowed around the beans to clear away the caffeine. After the desired caffeine level is reached, the EA residue on the beans is removed by steaming them.


Notes: Chocolate, brown sugar and apple


Country of origin: Colombia


Region: Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia, Eje Cafetero


Owner: Farmers working with Sucafina Colombia


Altitude: 1400-2100 masl


Varieties: Mixed varietals


Coffee Grade: EA Sugarcane decaffeination


Processing: Fully washed

Colombia Decaf

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