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Brazil Gourmet

This coffee is pulped and dried using the honey method, a specific process that provides a creamy and thick velvety body


One sip and you will love its chocolaty and nutty flavours. It is medium dark roasted for richer taste. Its versatile and perfect for luxury cappuccinos, flat whites and filter coffees.  


Notes : Milk chocolate and nutty flavours with sweet clean finish


Arabica Variety: Acaiá, Topázio


Aroma: Lightly sweet


Acidity: Mild


Milling Process: Pulped Natural


Roast Level: Medium Dark


Body: Rich and smooth

Origin: Sul de Minas Gerais, Brazil


Growing Altitude: 780 to 950 metres


Certified: Rainforest Alliance


Farm: Ipanema Farms


Ipanema Coffees have been producing high quality beans since 1969 providing a range of specialty coffees to over 20 countries worldwide. Having won numerous awards and distinctions, they are well known as one of the best coffee production companies in the world as well as being UTZ Certified 2002 and Rainforest Alliance certified 2004

Brazil Gourmet

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