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Refills 250g from £6.95

You will receive a 250g coffee of your choice in our environmentally friendly bag. Our refill bags are made of 100% paper with barrier and sealed to keep your coffee fresh. Once opened, please empty your coffee in our airtight tin to keep your coffee fresh.




Signature £6.95


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, hazelnut and hint of forest berries


Our signature blend is medium roasted  and100% Arabica. It has a velvety and creamy texture with a gentle kick. From the very first sip you will feel its chocolaty and nutty flavours lingering.


Brazil Santos £6.95


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, hazelnut and caramel with clean finish


It is an established fact that for many roasters and coffee enthusiasts, coffee from Brazil is the base for most espresso blends. Our Brazil Santos has the characteristics of what is expected from an espresso. Brazil Santos is a smooth and easy drinking coffee with full of flavours.


Caffeine Kick £6.95


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, hazelnut & caramel aftertaste


Caffeine Kick is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Inspired by traditional Italian espresso roast, our special blend is dark roasted for those after a strong and rich taste. It is full bodied and produces very creamy espresso.


Brazil Gourmet £7.10


Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate and nutty aftertaste


This coffee is pulped and dried using the honey method, a specific process that provides a creamy and thick velvety body with a distinctive nutty aftertaste. 


Colombia Antioquia £7.25


Tasting Notes : Citrus, cherries, chocolate and walnut


Whether you are an espresso, cafetiere or filter coffee lover, Colombia Antioquia will win your heart with its versatility. The cup is smooth, creamy and well balanced. It offers a pleasing balance of acidity and sweetness, with notes of chocolate, roasted walnuts and cherry adding complexity.


Peru El Palto £7.25


Tasting Notes : Chocolate, brown sugar, hazelnut, apricot & dried fruit


Our Peruvian women powered and organic certified coffee is exceptionally delicious. It is rich in chocolate and hazelnut with a pleasing all round finish on the pallet. It is versatile and works perfectly in bean to cup espresso machines or when filtered as cafetire or Aeropress.


Ethiopia Bonde La Ufa £7.75


Tasting Notes : Chocolate, honey, apricot and peach


Coffees from Ethiopia are well known for their complex and  flavoursome characters, particularly when brewed as drip filter, aeropress and cafetiere.

This coffee from the Sidamo region is a very aromatic and flavoursome coffee. It has a smooth and medium body and offers a pleasing sweet clean finish. It is perfect for all day sipping.


House Filter £7.75


Tasting Notes : Chocolate, caramel, cinnamon & stone fruit


We are excited to introduce our house filter coffee after trying and tasting many different beans. Our current house filter is a blend of washed coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia, and it is absolutely delicious. It has a medium body, gentle sweetness and it is packed with flavours. It offers all what is expected from a speciality filter coffee.


About our refill bags


It is made of 100% paper, biodegradable and compostable

It can safely be thrown into household paper recycling container.

Refills 250g from £6.95

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